Choosing The Right Recruiter

Whether looking for a new job or recruiting your next employee, it is extremely important to choose the right recruitment company to help you. Getting it wrong can be extremely wasteful in terms of both money and time.

"How do I get it right?"

This is not an easy process and one which is confused by thousands of agencies and search firms claiming to provide the most 'unique', 'advanced', 'professional' service. In reality the only way to find out if a recruiter will work for you is to try them.

"Where do I start?"

Choose a recruiter who specialises as closely as possible to your market. Beware of recruiters who specialise in everything! If you can find a recruiter who specialises not only in your market, but also in your type of role.............START THERE. If possible you should talk to people who have used this recruiter, if you don't know anybody who has used them, look for evidence of testimonials on their web site.

"Should I use Seltek?"

Have a look at our latest vacancy pages. This will tell you if we are recruiting in the right markets and for the right positions. If we are recruiting in the right markets for you then the answer is YES!! If you are still unsure if we can help you then visit our testimonials page to see a selection of companies who have used our services and believe we can.

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