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We are frequently asked for advice on books to buy on career guidance as it relates to the clinical research market. Below are a number of books we recommend. In most cases you will be able buy these books on-line from Amazon by clicking the book image. If there are any other books you feel should be represented on this page please email your ideas to

Discovering New Medicines
P.D. Stonier (Editor)

Book Description
An overview of the diverse opportunities in this field including the scientific, medical or specialist training necessary to attain them. Features contributions from medical directors, pharmacists, clinical researchers, drug safety experts, consultants, contractors, statisticians, lawyers, leading academics and others with first-hand knowledge of this area.

The aim of this reference is to provide an overview of the career opportunities in pharmaceutical medicine. Describing the scientific, medical and specialist training required, it contains contributions from researchers, pharmacists, safety experts and those in the pharmaceutical industry.



Consider It Pure Joy
Ann Raven

Amazon Customer Review
Overview of Pharmaceutical processes, terms and concepts., 6 February, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Palo Alto, California, USA

Best value for orienting new employees to the Pharmaceutical industry. Writen for secretaries, but in depth enough for others as well. Defines terms, processes, regulatory bodies, and general concepts.



Clinical Data Management
Richard Rondel (Editor), Sheila Varley (Editor), Colin Webb (Editor)

Book Description
The authoritative source on clinical data management Extensively revised and updated, with the addition of new chapters and authors, this long-awaited second edition covers all aspects of clinical data management. Giving details of the efficient clinical data management procedures required to satisfy both corporate objectives and quality audits by regulatory authorities, this text will be a timely publication in an ever-changing field. The volume:

  • Is written by well-known and experienced authors in this area
  • Provides new approaches to major topics in clinical data management
  • Contains new chapters on systems software validation, database design and performance measures

Clinical Data Management will be invaluable to anyone in the field of clinical data management within the pharmaceutical industry, or associated industries, and to all biomedical professionals working in clinical research.

This volume covers all aspects of clinical data management, including such specialized fields as clinical trial monitoring, the audit process and regulatory requirements. The text should benefit those involved in pharmaceutical, biomedical and related research.



Principles of Clinical Research

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Principles of Clinical Research
Ignazio Di Giovanna (Editor), Gareth Hayes (Editor)

Amazon Customer Review
Indepth, interesting and important!, 13 July, 2001
Reviewer: James M Walton ( from Appleby, Cumbria, England

After showing a career interest in science I was lucky enough to see a copy of this book. I have since looked at others in a similar vein and nothing comes close. It has given me the ambition to seek a role in the pharmaceutical industry when I graduate. Anyone wanting a qualified insight into the workings of medical and clinical practices for the future of patient welfare should look no further.



The Perfect CV
Tom Jackson, Ellen Jackson

This updated edition provides strategies for dealing with the shift away from "good, steady jobs for life" to an era of temporary, freelance and consultancy positions, where employers are more interested in a candidate's skills than in his or her experience. It shows how to prepare a capabilities portfolio, which focuses on talents rather than the number of jobs; discover and define career goals; pinpoint the most suitable jobs, and how to use the Internet and electronic job searches.



7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen R. Covey Review
According to Steven R. Covey, to live with security and wisdom, and to have the power to take advantages of the opportunities that change creates, we need fairness, integrity, honesty and human dignity. Quite a tall order when you consider that most of us live our lives in a permanent state of flux, questioning our ideals and values and fighting a daily battle with the lack of self-confidence that stops us from taking risks of any kind. But, in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey manages to make it sound as if changing the way we look at ourselves and the world around us so that we can become more successful both personally and professionally an absolute doddle. He defines the "habits" as "the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire" and states that the "Seven Habits" of the title are not mutually exclusive, but rather when developed together help to form a well-rounded, sensitive, confident and effective human being.



The "What Color Is Your Parachute" Workbook
Richard Nelson Bolles Review
For three decades Richard Nelson Bolles's annually updated and revised Parachute has been cheerfully advising people that the best way to find a job or make a career change isn't to answer a job ad and/or send in a CV. That way, the statistical odds are heavily stacked against success. Instead he advocates a creative three-pronged approach. You are in charge so be proactive and sell yourself. First identify your talents (and of course you've got lots). Then work out where you would like to apply these transferable skills. Lastly, decide how you will pursue organisations which interest you. Thereafter it's down to your efforts: "Successful job hunting is a learned skill. You have to study it. You have to practice it. You have to master it, just like any new skill. And master it thoroughly because you'll need it all the rest of your life", says Bolles.



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