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Companies > Commercial (4) Medical Devices Faraday Partnership
The Medical Devices Faraday Partnership is a national consortium including industry, academia, clinicians, RTOs and funding organisations. It covers research, training and technology translation for the medical devices sector and is sponsored by BBSRC, DTI and EPSRC. Medical Equipment Storage Solutions
IRSG's line of medical equipment storage solutions include supply carts, mobile hospital tables & procedure tables that are critical for smooth functioning of the health-care business. Medical Equipment Store
Medical Technology Resources is an online Medical Equipment Supplier located in Ohio, USA. We specialize in renting, leasing, and selling new or used medical equipment for all healthcare markets. S.L.A. Pharma
S.L.A.Pharma invests in patent and trademark protection, R&D and regulatory approval applications. Thereafter, S.L.A. seeks to license the products rights to larger pharmaceutical companies to carry out full-scale manufacturing and commercialisation.

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